Paid search advertising, commonly known as PPC advertising or paid search marketing, is a form of digital marketing that involves bidding on and posting ads on search engines like Google and Bing as well as their partner sites. It’s a type of online advertising that enables marketers to target potential customers based on their interests and abilities to pay. A study by Aberdeen Group found that businesses investing in PPC experience 26% higher user retention rates, 28% higher user new registration rates, and 23% lower churn rates than businesses that don’t invest in PPC. Using PPC can be scary at first if you are new to it, but once you learn the ins and outs, it’s an extremely useful tool for driving sales and growing your business. Here are 5 reasons why you should use PPC to drive sales and grow your business:

PPC drives sales

One of the biggest reasons to use PPC is that it drives sales. When you invest time and funds into a PPC campaign, you are directing those funds towards driving sales, which is the goal of marketing. You are bidding on keywords that are related to your products or services and then directing your customers to your site where they can buy what you are selling. PPC campaigns can be tailored to fit your specific needs and can help you reach potential customers in regions you may not be able to reach otherwise.

It’s flexible and easy to use

One of the biggest advantages of PPC is that it is flexible and easy to use. You can start small with a small budget and test your waters to see how your audience responds to your ads and what kind of return on investment (ROI) you get from your PPC campaigns. You can pause your ads at any time and adjust your budget and bids to fit your needs at any given time. As you gain more experience with PPC, you will come to understand how to use it to your best advantage and what works best for your particular business.

It’s fast

Another advantage of using PPC to drive sales is that it’s fast. You don’t have to wait long before seeing a return on your investment. In fact, you can see results in as few as 7 days. You can start measuring your campaigns and tracking your performance as soon as you launch your ads. You can change your ads any time and pause or end your campaigns as you see fit. It’s flexible to use and you can tweak it to meet your specific needs.

It’s measurable and transparent

Another advantage of using PPC to drive sales is that it’s measurable and transparent. When you use other traditional forms of marketing you don’t have as much insight into how well your marketing is working. You don’t know if people are seeing your ads or clicking on them. With PPC, you can track your clicks, your impressions, and your costs per click. You can also track your conversion rates from each ad in your campaign to see what’s working and what isn’t and make changes to your ads as needed. This allows you to tweak your campaigns to be as efficient as possible and reach the most customers possible.

PPC can help build your brand

Another advantage of using PPC to drive sales is that it can help build your brand. You can use it to get your name out there and drive traffic towards your website where your potential customers can learn more about your products and services. You can fine-tune your ads to your target audience and position yourself as the go-to brand in your industry or niche. You can use the information you gather from your ads to see what your customers want and what they are looking for and provide them with better products and services. Once you start using PPC, it can become an excellent source of data to help you make better business decisions overall.


Finally, PPC is a great way to drive sales and grow your business. You can start small and test the waters to see what your ROI is and how your audience responds to your ads. You can then make adjustments to your campaigns as needed and fine-tune them to be as successful as possible. PPC is flexible and easy to use, and it’s fast. It’s also measurable and transparent so you can see what’s working and make changes as needed. PPC can help build your brand and drive sales.