Reputation Management

Reviews are a key part of growing your business. Why? Because they help improve local rankings, improve your business’ reputation, and increase sales.

But while it’s one thing to deliver a service worth five stars, it can be even harder to generate reviews that say so. Add in the monitoring and responding required to keep your reputation squeaky clean, and it can quickly become a full-time job… that is unless you have the right tools for it!

All these tools come in a package we call Reputation Management, which includes:

Monitor Reviews – track growth of reviews by platform, and respond to them quickly.

Get Reviews – grow your reviews by sending review request emails and SMS messages without having to leave SONIQBOOM.

Workflow Reviews – add your best reviews to your website so your happiest customers can do the selling for you.

Industry-Leading Features:

8-Channel Automated Follow Up

Automatically message leads across multiple channels including SMS, Email, Voicemail, Calls, Facebook Messenger, GMB and Website Chat to increase response rates to up to 80%.

Team Management

Work as team members to see the system how they see it, track progress, set up campaigns, and more.

Automatically distribute leads between team members and track the progress of each lead.

AI Appointment Booking

Use SONIQBOOM to book appointments for you so that you can focus on what matters the most, closing deals. Appointment confirmation and reminder campaigns can be used up until the appointment time.

Live Call Transfer

Automatically get inbound calls every time a prospect calls back the phone number from a text message or the phone call that they received from your CRM outbound number or a number they found on your website, funnel, etc.

Customers & Contacts

Keep your customers close and your contacts closer. Fully customizable customer relationship management. Detailed filters, tagging and notes. Data enrichment and helpful insights.

SMS (Text) & Email

Have back and forth conversations and run large-scale campaigns.

Pre-scheduled communications and automation. Personalization and targeted messaging too.

Websites & Funnels

Create optimized and beautiful industry-standard websites and landing pages to improve your web presence. All hosting done by us. Even on your own custom domain.


You can create and send invoices to your customers and clients. This will allow you to streamline your payments processing, to ensure you capture your money for your business.


Remind yourself to call leads, send documents, or any other sales-related tasks in your leads lifecycle.

Communication Center

All your communications in one place! Email, SMS, Phone, Voicemail, Facebook Messenger, Web Chat and More!

Advanced Reporting

Easily see how well your campaigns and sales team are performing so that you can increase your opportunities and sales!

Mobile App

Close prospects on-the-go with our mobile app, respond to leads, track statuses, complete reminders, and more.

Reputation Management

Accurate and consistent business listings on top sites. We also have Google My Business (GMB) Messaging that allows you to communicate with potential customers directly from our app.

Lead Round Robin

Automatically distribute leads between team members and track the progress of each lead. Assign leads to users on a 1:1 basis. This allows all users (often salespeople) to be assigned leads in a fair and unbiased manner.

SEO Full Audit

Search Engines rely on many factors to rank a website. SONIQBOOM reviews these across 100 website data points, to help identify problems that could be holding your site back from its potential.


Social Media Post Planner

Keep all your social media managed in one spot. With this feature, you can manage your social accounts, save time by scheduling posts (up to 12 months in advance!), and learn what your social media audience thinks.

Seamless Communication With Your Customers

We’ve Got You Covered.

Step-by-Step Onboarding

An easy, step-by-step onboarding experience takes you through everything you need to begin growing your business.

Phone & Chat Support

Our Customer Support team is here to assist you so you can focus on what you do best, no matter what your business requires.


Documentation Training

Our HELP LIBRARY has everything you need to answer questions, whether you’re new to the platform or a seasoned user.